The Cancer and Cognition platform at the 2020 meeting of the International Cognition and Cancer Task Force

The Cancer and Cognition platform took part in the ICCTF meeting organized in Denver, USA last february  > Program_ICCTF2020_Denver

Preliminary results of some studies conducted by the platform were presented during the meeting.

The PROSOM-K study was presented by Mylène Duivon, PhD student in the Inserm U1077 :

  • An immersive virtual reality task to assess prospective memory consolidation in breast cancer patients receiving adjuvant hormonal therapy. Mylène Duivon, Joy Perrier, Florence Joly, Idlir Licaj, Julien Geffrelot, George Emile, Djelila Allouache, Carine Segura-Djezzar, Christelle Levy, Sébastien Polvent, Lucie Raoul, Géraldine Rauchs, Fausto Viader, Francis Eustache, Béatrice Desgranges, Bénédicte Giffard


In addition, results of the Cog-Réduc study (clinical trial) and the Nutri-Cog study (animal model) were presented during poster sessions :

  • Cognitive rehabilitation program to improve cognition of cancer patients treated with chemotherapy: A three-arm randomized controlled multicenter trial. Mélanie Dos Santos, Isabelle Léger, Olivier Rigal, Idlir Licaj, Sarah Dauchy, Christelle Levy, Sabine Noal, Carine Segura, Corinne Delcambre, Djelila Allouache, Aurélie Parzy, Jerome Barriere, Thierry Petit, Marie Lange, Aurélie Capel, Bénédicte Clarisse, Jean Michel Grellard, Johan Lefel, Florence Joly
  • Protecting effects of Panax quinquefolius on chemotherapy-induced fatigue symptoms associated with systemic normalization of IL-6 in mice. Renaud Parment, Martine Dubois, Laurence Desrues, Laure Tron, Florence Joly, Hélène Castel


Looking forward the 2022 ICCTF meeting !