Our objectives

Offer drug companies, oncology groups, physicians and researchers an original expertise in the preclinical evaluation of cognitive impairment, the selection of appropriate assessment tools and clinical study design, feasibility and data analysis.

We are now able to provide a structured response to all your requests, regardless of their nature

Are you from a drug company ?

We offer to develop partnerships and guarantee the implementation of preclinical models in clinical research. We can provide you with advice on the best tools for ancillary studies as well as for the design and analysis of future studies targeting cognitive impairment

Are you from an oncology intergroup ?

UNICANCER, Groupe Français de Pneumo-Cancérologie, INTERSARC, ARCAGY, GINECO, IFTC, LYSA-LYSARC, IFM, GORTEC… Our teams’ experts are available to advise you and cooperate on large scale clinical trials including cognitive function assessment. We also offer the possibility of evaluation using preclinical animal models. We are very attentive to the needs of academic oncological clinical researchers, especially those gathered into cooperative groups.

Better identify and understand cognitive impairment to treat and prevent it


“We are implementing new clinical protocols that evaluate the cognitive function associated with different types of cancer and different classes of cancer treatment.”

Florence JOLY, PU-PH, Oncologist.

Our Cancer and Cognition platform has a multidisciplinary approach spanning 4 complementary areas of expertise


Clinical expertise

In clinical trials:  Exploring the impact of molecules, medicines and patient care strategies



Neuropsychological expertise

Focus on the cognition and brain damage caused by cancer and cancer treatments



Preclinical and Biomarkers expertise

Evaluation and understanding of neurobiological mechanisms and behavioural effects induced by cancer and treatments in animals



Biostatistic expertise

Study design and implementation, and data analysis .