Our Services

We propose our expertise, tools and models to the scientific and industrial community


Our Clinical services

  • Evaluation of cognitive impairment in patients during clinical trials,
  • Design of clinical studies on cognitive impairment that focus on cognition with various treatments,
  • Studies of specific groups such as the elderly,
  • Examination of problems related to oral treatments,
  • Brain imaging protocols (MRI, PET scan).

Our Neuropsychological services

  • Tests : we offer standardised cognitive evaluation adapted to a given situation,
  • Evaluation of the cognitive impairment perceived by patients : validated questionnaires, quality of life questionnaires
  • Control of patients’ psychological status (anxiety, depression, fatigue…),
  • Study of the influence of cognitive reserve and metacognition on the incidence of cognitive impairment,
  • Cognitive rehabilitation as treatment,
  • Examination of anatomical brain signs of cognitive impairment (using VBM and DTI) or functional brain signs of cognitive impairment (fMRI, PET (Positron Emission Tomography).

Our Preclinical and Biomarker services

  • Detection of biomarkers predictive of cognitive deficits in animal models and in patients within the scope of clinical and neuropsychological studies,
  • Evaluation of the biological parameters that may influence the onset of cognitive impairment,
  • Assessment of neurobiological parameters in cancer and non-cancer animal models to better understand the pathophysiology of the neurological changes observed in cancer patients,
  • Focus on new behavioural study protocols in animals to better understand the mechanisms induced by new targeted therapies,
  • Brain imaging protocols for animal models.

Our Biostatistical services

  • Support in and/or writing of statistical methodology in study protocols according the approved study design,
  • Assistance in submitting projects to calls for proposals,
  • Support in and/or writing of statistical analysis plans,
  • Statistical analysis and interpretation of results.
  • Support in and/or writing of scientific reports and articles