Preclinical and Biomarker Studies

Would you like to use animal models to understand the role of cancer and associated therapies on cognitive function and to better assess the associated neurobiological mechanisms? This is the truly innovative part of our preclinical activity.

The services we offer


Detection of neurocognitive biomarkers

in animal models and in patients within the scope of clinical and neuropsychological studies


Focus on new behavioural study protocols in animals

to better understand the mechanisms mediated by new therapies at the brain level.


Assessment of neurobiological parameters

in cancer and non-cancer animal models to better understand the pathophysiology of the neurological changes observed in cancer patients.


Evaluation of the biological parameters

that may influence the onset of cognitive impairment

“Studies on animal models aim to evaluate the risk/benefit balance about chemotherapy and targeted therapy treatment and to identify the most appropriate dose, duration and type of treatment for brain safety. Animal models may also be used to assess the potential of molecules able to prevent and/or cure the deleterious effects of old and new therapies. studies on animal models exhibit an extremely high translational potential !”