The 4 expertises of Cancer and Cognition – clinical, neuropsychological, preclinical, biostatistical – are all piloted and organized by experts in the domains of cognition and cancer.


The coordinators of each domain of expertise work permanently in close collaboration with clinical research intergroups such as I.E., GERICO, ANOCEF, EORTC but also with research teams and learned societies.


Monthly conference calls are organized all year round to bring together those in charge of the 4 areas of expertise. This is ideal to accurately assess the status of the platform’s supported projects.


The governance of the platform is confided to an operational cell including the coordinators of the 4 axes of expertise, led by a project manager completely dedicated to this strategic mission. The project manager is involved in the good management and the daily functioning of the platform, while ensuring the communication of results and expertises destined to partners and the industry.

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Organisation fonctionnelle de la plateforme


Every 6 months, a steering committee allows the collective validation of the business reports and the operational cell.

Our partners

Close collaborations were established with teams working on brain tumours.