Participation in the « 2017 Cancéropôle Nord-Ouest Scientific Days »

The 10th « Cancéropôle Nord-Ouest Scientific Days » took place in Deauville on May 10-12 2017 and gathered researchers and clinicians from the northwest region of France (Hauts-de-France and Normandy).

Each year, the different research axis present their principal projects and publications of the year. The Forth axis (Axis 4) « Cancer and Neurosciences » presented results from the studies conducted by the Cancer and Cognition Platform:

  • The first results on the Cog-Plainte study dealt with the cognitive complaint in cancer patients (collaboration with the association « les Seintinelles »), presented by Marie Lange.
  • The first results on the study on the impact of PI3K inhibitors on cognitive functions in mice were presented by Martine Dubois.
  • Results on the CanMem study on the impact of chemotherapy on cognitive functions with neuro-imaging and neuro-psychological methods, were presented by Joy Perrier.
  • A poster on the methodology of a new project on the effect of sleep on prospective memory in breast cancer patients, realized with virtual reality techniques, was presented by Mylène Duivon.
  • Results on the Cog-Obs study on cognition and adherence to treatment were presented on poster by Mélanie Dos Santos.
  • The Platform recently obtained the French League Against Cancer Label and thus presented its future orientations and scientific strategy for the next 3 years.