Anatomical, clinical and neuro-psychological evaluation of long-term sequelae in brain cancer patients treated by radiotherapy

Coordinator: Stefan D (Caen)


Cognitive impairments and consequences on quality of life of brain radiotherapy are well-known in the literature. However, neither dose-effect relation nor radiological anomalies have been related to those sequelae. Moreover, few existing cohorts have investigated the future of those patients in the long run, at least 10 years after radiotherapy. This study is one of the first French studies to link imaging, dosimetry as well as cognitive data after brain radiotherapy in a long-term perspective.


Evaluate the proportion of patients treated more than 10 years ago and presenting at least one abnormality based on brain imaging criteria.

Secondary objectives: Study diverse type of abnormalities, correlations between doses and imaging abnormalities, cognitive complaint, cognitive dysfunction and correlations between cognitive troubles and cerebral abnormalities. Evaluate quality of life, anxiety, depression, professional/social reintegration of patients, the influence of cognitive reserve on cognitive impairments and the caregiver load.

Study methodology

Exploratory, monocentric, case-control study

Study status

Closed, 15 cases/15 controls enrolled