Impact of new generation hormone-therapy proposed to CRPCa patients on cognitive functions in preclinical models: Evaluation of abiraterone acetate combined with prednisone or Enzalutamide in aged castrated mice


Coordinator: Hélène Castel (Rouen)


Novel oral hormone therapy targeting the androgen signaling axis, are nowadays available and are proposed to elderly patients with metastatic prostate cancer (CRPCa) in addition to first generation of ADT. When associated with the corticosteroid prednisone (Pred), these new hormone-therapies have been shown to improve median overall survival rate. Currently, the comparison between two proposed inhibitors of androgen axis should be done in a preclinical murine model in order to clarify their potential impact on cognitive functions and quality of life.


Here a pre-clinical study was proposed in mice treated by new hormone-therapy to better understand the physiopathology of the cognitive impact of these treatments, in side of the cancer itself and/or the co-morbidities, confounding aspects in clinical trials.

Study methodology

Specific behavioral models are proposed to evaluate emotional reactivity and cognitive functions of castrated aged (19-20 month old) C57B/l6 male mice in the presence of a 6-week treatment of two new hormono-therapy. The results have to be compared to those of control group (mice with respective vehicle – control arm – administration).

Study status

Closed, under finalization


CLCC Caen, Inserm 1086 anticipe, NIMH Inserm U1077.

Financial Support

Janssen, Inserm, Normandie Rouen University, INCA-SHS.


The Prostate Cancer Therapy Enzalutamide Compared with Abiraterone Acetate/Prednisone Impacts Motivation for Exploration, Spatial Learning and Alters Dopaminergic Transmission in Aged Castrated Mice. Nicola C, Dubois M, Campart C, Al Sagheer T, Desrues L, Schapman D, Galas L, Lange M, Joly F, Castel H. Cancers. 2021; 13(14):3518.