MoCA versus MMS: which is the best tool for screening of cognitive dysfunction in oncogeriatry?


Coordinator: Marie Lange (Caen)


Cognitive evaluation among elderly patients is necessary and, to this day, no recommendation exist to assess cognitive functions in oncogeriatry. A pilot study conducted with UCOG Basse-Normandie aimed at comparing MMS versus MoCA among elderly patients who were candidates for cancer treatment and who would undergo an oncogeriatric assessment. Preliminary results from this study showed that more patients had pathological score with MoCA than with MMS. However, this pilot study did not allow to estimate MoCA sensibility among elderly cancer patients and no previous study investigated it. Following on from this pilot study, the MoCA2 study will evaluate patients’ cognition through MoCA, MMS, Mini-Cog, CODEX and a complete neuropsychological assessment in order to estimate the sensitivity of those 4 screening tests among elderly patients who are candidates for cancer treatment. This study will provide information to improve cognitive evaluation in oncogeriatric assessments.


Evaluate MoCA sensitivity.

Study methodology

Prospective, multicentric study

Study status

Open for inclusions, 76/110 patients enrolled.


CLCC/CHU Caen and CLCC Rouen

Financial support

UCOG Unité de coordination en Onco-gériatrie Normandie 2016