Impact of adjuvant chemotherapy on the cognitive function and quality of life of patients over the age of 65 years: application to breast cancer.

Coordinator : F.Joly, M. Lange

Background: The overall increase in life expectancy and the improvement in the management of elderly cancer patients allow them to live longer in better conditions. Breast cancers are among the most frequent cancers in people over the age of 65. The prognosis of this disease has improved due to several types of curative treatments (surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy). The alteration of the patient’s quality of life induced by chemotherapy depends on the patient age, especially if side effects concern cognitive functions.

Objectives: Evaluate the incidence and evolution of the cognitive impairment caused by chemotherapy in patients over the age of 65 receiving adjuvant treatment for breast cancer.

Study methodology: A non-randomised, multicenter, longitudinal study comparing a group of patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy with a group of patients receiving only radiation treatment . The patient inclusion phase is now complete and 123 patients have been enrolled.

Current study status: Inclusion phase closed. Study under way.

Collaboration: Three participating centers.

Sponsors: PHRC, Institut National du cancer (INCA), Cancéropole Nord-Ouest (CNO), Sanofi-Aventis

Publications :

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